Hargy Oil Palms Ltd, Bialla, West New Britain

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is an oil palm plantation and milling company located in the Bialla Local Level Government area of West New Britain province, Papua New Guinea. The head office and export wharf are located near Bialla town which is a little over 2 hours drive from Hoskins airport and Kimbe the provincial capital.

Hargy Oil Palms Limited (HOPL) was incorporated in 1972 as a joint venture operation between the PNG Government and Shin Asahigawa Pty Ltd. In 1975 the Government terminated the joint venture agreement with Shin Asahigawa and invited interested plantation management companies to participate in the joint venture. The Belgium Company S A Sipef N V, a professional international management company with considerable experience in the running of large oil palm projects throughout the world, was successful. The Company holds long-term leases with the Papua New Guinea Government over designated agricultural land.

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Milling Plants

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The original processing facility was constructed by Shin Asahigawa at Makakiwa. It was a mini-mill capable of processing at 10 tph. The first large-scale processing mill was commissioned in 1980 at the current mill site following the acquisition of 50% of the shareholding by Sipef in 1976. Although the Hargy mill was originally constructed as a 30ton/Hr FFB mill it has been extensively modified and expanded to a 45 ton/hr capacity and incorporated with a 2.4 tons/ hr kernel crushing plant and a tank farm facility of 10,000 tonne capacity. An export wharf facility opened in 1992.

The mill currently employs a total workforce of 185 employees with just one expatriate.

Since 2004 the company’s milling and plantation operations have been certified as ISO 14001:2001 compliant. Further improvements have since been made and the company received certification nder the RSPO www.rspo.org certification process on the 9th April, 2009.

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Hargy Plantation has an area of 2,431.07 hectares. It was originally planted in the early 1970’s and has been completely replanted.

Navo Plantation was first developed in 1984 and as at the end of 2009 5,268 hectares has been planted.
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ISO 14001: 2004

HOPL has ISO 14001:2004 (since 2005) accreditation. This is crucial to our reputation as a sustainable producer of palm oil and a lot of effort, and expense was put into achieving them. Their maintenance and subsequent retention is of utmost importance.
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Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil


(since 2009) accreditation. This is crucial to our reputation as a sustainable producer of palm oil and a lot of effort, and expense was put into achieving them. Their maintenance and subsequent retention is of utmost importance.

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West New Britain was selected for Oil palm development in addition to the already established crop such as Coconut, cocoa and coffee that were set on by early planters in the 1960s.
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